That’s what started my journey to investigate, learn, and research everything that I could around food. I also have an addictive personality. So, when I stopped smoking in February of 2004, I decided to replace that habit with learning all I could about the wellness world.

I had an ectopic pregnancy that made me think that maybe I COULD get pregnant after all. It was an extremely sad and painful process to go through, but it gave me that little bit of hope that I needed to carry on.

In the midst of working and taking care of everyone else, my health wasn’t my top priority until I was ready to make it my top priority.

With small steps everyday I got back the energy and vitality that I had lost. It took time and effort, but I found the tools that I needed and learned what worked for me.

I believe in bio-individuality. What may be healthy for me will not necessarily be healthy for you! However, what I know for sure is that there are certain foods that most should stay away from. We all know what they are and know we shouldn’t have them. Such as sugar, soda, and all the white processed foods.

It’s not all about food though. I have found that reducing stress, cultivating my relationships, spirituality, fitting in some sort of exercise, and finding the right career path has made a big difference in my overall health/wellbeing.

It can be difficult to journey into a place of focusing on yourself and finding what will work best for you. I understand the business of being busy and how hard it is to prepare and follow through with goals. It can be more expensive if your not accustomed to fitting in the necessary time and effort it takes to lead a healthier lifestyle.

I am here to walk you through your goals and help you find ways to obtain the life of your dreams. You can do this. I got your back! Let me be your Integrative Health Coach. A health coach guides you towards wellness and keeps you on track with your goals.

Imagine a life of fulfillment, health, and vitality. Dream big, set goals, ask for help, and begin this new journey of total health and wellness with me. Together we are stronger and I believe every person has it in them to make a difference.

We only have one shot at this short life so let’s make it worthwhile! Go to my LB Health Coach website to fill out a form to get started on attaining your goal in health and wellness!

I’m grateful to have been blessed with a child!

Are you ready to do some work to attain your goals?

Thanks for listening!