My Fertility Story

We tried for about 10 years to become pregnant. At one point we even looked at in-vitro fertilization, but that was too expensive for us. We had some fun trying to get pregnant and then not so much fun when we were timing everything. I had an ectopic pregnancy before and according to my Doctor probably a couple miscarriage’s without even knowing it. At some point we finally started the long process to become foster parents. We were hoping to eventually have the opportunity to adopt a foster child.

I did everything recommended to me by my integrated OBGYN Doctor (Dr. Choi at Integrated Wellness Center) and my nutritionist sister to try and get pregnant! Since 2005 I cleaned up my diet and ate mostly organic whole foods, went on the candida diet for awhile, avoided GMO’s, gluten, dairy, soy, corn, yeast, msg, artificial food coloring/dyes/sugar, and etc. Took all the whole food organic vitamins my body needed, did acupuncture (with Paul Murray III at Whole Health Center), yoga, weight lifting classes, and walked. The only thing left according to Dr. Choi was to ‘de-stress’ and ‘relax’. That would be a difficult task for me! Not like making such lifestyle changes I had already made were all pigtails and pony rides! I was criticized and made fun of by everyone I knew, especially my husband and his friends. To find alternative food back then was next to impossible so I made it up as I went along.

Then tragedy struck our family! My Father-in-law was broadsided by an 18 wheeler truck less than a mile from his home. He was in intensive care and the Doctor’s said it was a miracle he even made it to the hospital. We rushed out to Michigan from Colorado to see him and to be with family. Looking back at it now I can’t help but think of how my Doctor’s told me that I HAD to ‘de-stress’ and ‘relax’ to get pregnant. This was an incredibly sad way of doing that, but I felt in a way that was unintentionally happening during this time. We couldn’t do a thing, but pray! We cried, remembered, prayed, talked to him in his coma, and gathered around family.

We were only back home for a few days when we got the dreaded call that he was going to be taken off of life support. Not long after that is when another call came that he was no longer on this earth. What devastating news! Shocking! A precious man’s life taken way to early!

Back to Michigan to help with the arrangements and be with family to bury a loving father, husband, brother, uncle, friend, and Father-in-law! My Mother-in-law spoke at the funeral and it was a very tearful goodbye for all. The song that was played at his funeral by Israel Kamakawiwo called somewhere over the rainbow which didn’t leave a dry eye in the room. Now, every time we hear that song we know it’s him saying hi.

A month later, I had been complaining to my husband that my belly felt like I was rejecting yet, another form of food. Could it be rice since I substitute so many foods with it? I finally listened to him and went to see Dr. Choi to have a look. They always ask for you to urine in a cup first thing so I thought nothing of it. Until they came in telling me I’m positive for pregnancy! My initial thought was that of shock and disbelief! I told them I can’t get pregnant and that they must be mistaken! I immediately text my husband that we were pregnant. Upon leaving the office I told my sister (who was working for Dr. Choi at the time as a nutritionist/bio meridian) that it’s positive. She freaked out and said “what’s positive, what’s wrong”? We got a good laugh out of my shock deliverance, hugged, and talked about getting together to discuss the best vitamins to start on.

The day after we found out we were pregnant we signed on the dotted line to foster. Telling them that we need to hold off to see if we carry this baby full term. They were thrilled and advised us to keep current with all the updates so that all the hard work we did wouldn’t go to waste if we decided to move forward at a later date to foster.

I was so careful during pregnancy, I never even went into get a haircut because I didn’t want to expose the baby to unnecessary chemicals. I was put on bed rest for the last 5 months because of preeclampsia. I was also put on thyroid medication for the first time in my life. I thought bed rest was the best idea ever at the time. I wasn’t good with stress and worry.

I remember during a session of acupuncture feeling a strong hand hold mine and whisper that everything will be o.k. I felt my Father-in-law’s presence that day and it gave me such a feeling of calmness! After telling my husband about my experience; he then shared with me that the text he received from me saying that we are pregnant was the exact time his Father was pronounced gone exactly 1 month prior!

We checked into the hospital on Sunday May, 2, 2010. I felt my first and only contraction the next day after they filled me with some drugs to induce labor. I opted for the epidural and felt ready after I received it. Dr. Choi said she could feel the baby’s hand and that we need to go in for a c-section.

We were on pins and needles awaiting his cry and to have a look at him! Just holding our breath until we finally heard it! Finally!!! After waiting, hoping, praying, preparing, and wanting to get pregnant for so long… there it was like music to our ears!! To see that pouty lip quiver just filled my heart with so much joy! My husband stayed with him as planned while they took care of me.

The male nurse was commenting to the other nurses how amazed he was at the mother/daughter Doctor team that I had (once they left the room). As they worked on me, I just was so amazed at what had just transpired. How could I have been so blessed? I cannot wait to hold my baby! Please hurry with me, I kept thinking, what’s taking so long? Finally, that moment that all Mom’s will remember for eternity! He snuggled up to me as I spoke ever so softly to him. I told him how perfect he was and how much I loved him.

Being blessed to be an older Mom was not by choice. However, having my Father-in-law pull some strings for us up there in heaven finally made our dream come true! Of course, I have to give credit to my fabulous sister, Dr. Choi, and Paul Murray III for such good advice! They took such great care of me and our unborn child. Changing my lifestyle because of their advice was key to our pregnancy and birth! I will be forever grateful!!!!


Thanks for listening!