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Mental Illness

I wanted to share something I found on a Facebook page about mental Illness. It’s such a fascinating movie! It’s about an hour or more and worth every minute!

I believe in healing through human connection. Support through friendships, spirituality, and having some physical activity makes a world of difference no matter what you’ve survived in this life.

That human connection is imperative for those with a mental illness. Often times those diagnosed with a mental illness are the ones that are the most isolated. However, I think we would all agree that being heard and cared about is beneficial for everyone!

I also believe that there is a need for some people to be on medication and for some it may not be a good fit. That’s between each unique individual to decide for themselves with the guidance of their loved ones and Doctors.

I love how much this movie brought out so many emotions for me as I’m sure it will do the same for you.

As with everything, you will get out of it what your ready to hear. You take from it what applies to you and your situation and then leave the rest for absorbing another time.

The movie is called Crazy Wise and I really hope you take the time to watch it!

When your finished watching it, please come back and tell me your thoughts.

I am grateful to be a survivor.

Thanks for listening.


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