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What does a health coach do and what are the benefits of having one?

They are your sounding board so to speak. They are the ones that want to hear you, repeat back to you what you are trying to get across, and then help you dig deeper into the path you want to take in order to attain your goals.

You might be seeking a health coach because your Doctor or Nutritionist has recommended that you eat a certain way that is completely different than you have ever had to eat before. Once you go to your health coach for guidance in this area, you might discover things about yourself that is blocking you from caring for yourself. A different topic from what you originally came in for, but a topic you need to get through in order to care for yourself enough to want to change your diet.

A health coach takes the time that your Doctor doesn’t have in order to get to the real root of what is and has been going on with you. We help you figure it all out so that you can attain your goals. We are your mirror, support, and safe place to get to the bottom of it all. We will certainly help you with changing your diet, but you have to want to do the work. That is why we need to get to your truth for you to want to make that change.

Just from that one example, can you see why you will benefit from having a health coach?

There are other times when you just feel stuck in another area of your life where you need a health coach to help guide you to your truth to attain your goals. It could be that you want to incorporate more exercise into your life, sleep better, and reduce your stress. Maybe you want to learn to cook healthier or are confused about all the information we are bombarded with about what is or isn’t healthy on a daily basis. What about navigating all the food labels and confusing ingredients. Perhaps your stuck in a career that you want to change, a relationship that needs mending, finding your joy, working on your finances, or reconnecting to your spirituality.

The course I’m taking at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition has a great article about the 6 reasons why you need a health coach that I encourage you to check out. Through this course I’m learning over 100 different dietary theories along with how to become an effective health coach in many different areas of overall health and wellbeing.

You are in control of your life. You can stay in the exact same space you are in or you can reach out for help and see a positive change in your life! It is your birthright to enjoy a happy, healthy, and long life.

Your challenge is to figure out what’s been stopping you from living your authentic life by thinking of just a couple of goals you want to work on. Are you still on track with the intentions (resolutions) that you set for yourself to achieve in 2017? Or, have you found new goals that better fit the direction you want your life to go?

If you feel we are a good fit to work together, please browse my website at LB Health Coach and contact me or fill out a health history form to get started. Your first consultation is always free!

I’m grateful to be able to follow my passion on the health and wellness journey!

What areas in your life would you like to confidentially talk to a health coach about?

Thanks for listening!



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