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Holiday Madness

Holiday Madness in the grocery stores are making me bonkers! I’m the type that shops for food at least 3-4 times a week. I’m a little grateful that most people don’t do that. Have you ever noticed that around the Holidays there are a ton of people scrambling in the grocery stores?

Can you imagine if everyone shopped 3-4 times a week? It would be constant chaotic madness! Maybe we would have more grocery stores, who knows!

Holiday Madness isn’t just at grocery stores! You would think that with how easy it is to shop online that the stores wouldn’t be so busy either.

It’s true I don’t like crowds or shopping! So, when the Holiday Madness comes around I cope by making it a point to TRY and stock up way beforehand. Bah-hum-bug.

I am one that never followed the norm by pretending to have to play nice with others just because it’s a Holiday! I have always felt like it’s just another day. Unfortunately it’s another day where most people are off work. Fortunately it’s usually a day where most places are closed.

I’m easing into minimalism and enjoy the idea of not having to be bombarded with consumerism every second of every day. The Holidays are so hyped up to get prepared to not buy for a day that I think a lot of people create unnecessary anxiety over a day where we really should just relax and let the day unfold.

That’s easy for me to say because I’ve given up on entertaining. I used to want to make food that I could enjoy and that everyone else would enjoy as well. I ended up making it harder on myself so that I could enjoy what I wanted.

For example, I like my gravy and stuffing for Thanksgiving. I used to make my gravy and buy store bought gravy for everyone else. I would make my stuffing and ask someone else to bring a stuffing. Just more dishes and work!

I like making lasagne for Christmas Eve. I don’t like making enough to feed a group of people. I like leftovers and my lasagne is more expensive to make because I use organic, make my own sauce, and have to use gluten free noodles.

Let’s get back to the importance of the Holidays and not so much the etiquette of it all. You know what I mean? Like when we feel obligated to bring a gift/passing dish/bottle of wine everywhere we go, having to get the cards out in the mail before it’s too late, and etc.

Don’t get me wrong, if you enjoy doing that then by all means knock yourself out.

The Grinch who stole Christmas is advertising, how we are so attached to our phone, and how others live their lives.

I’m grateful to be able to mostly stay away from the Holiday Madness!

What’s your gripe about the Holidays?

Thanks for listening and Merry Christmas!


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3 thoughts on “Holiday Madness

  1. I’m with you on this subject! I was forced into a low-key holiday season due to illness. No parties or get-togethers this year. All my shopping was done on line for the first time in my life. I’ve only been out of the house 3 times since Dec. 10th….to the doctor and to the grocery store twice, and my husband drove me. He was also sick, so we spent our time reminding each other when to take our meds! When life slows down to a crawl, like it did for us this holiday season, it really puts everything into perspective. We’re grateful for all our blessings, and look forward to a better New Year! Thank YOU for sharing and listening!

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      1. I really don’t miss any of it. I’m not as “sociable” as I used to be and have no problem with my own company. Being with my family means more to me than anything else. Those are the ones I care to be with. And this Christmas, we’ll be with Marc and his family, and Denise and her family. No busy, busy time is wonderful! The older I get, the less I require to be happy and content. It’s a good place to be.

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