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Health Challenge

I have a health challenge for you or someone you know. I believe in small steps when it comes to health. This challenge is one that you or someone you know will benefit tremendously from!

I believe that a great first small step to better health is to drink more water and slowly wean yourself from all soda’s for good. Let’s put a dent in the soda sales.

Are you a soda drinker or do you know a soda drinker?

I wanted to tackle this one because I have a friend that has some health issues and she is having such a hard time just giving up her sodas. She claims that it’s the only thing that will ‘cut’ her cough when she is sick, she believes it heals her!

You know soda is bad for you, right? I’m not here to debate the issue, you can look up all the facts as I have. I believe that you intuitively know that water is better for you.

Soda is a horrible unhealthy addiction. My friend’s soda of choice is diet dr. pepper. Diet, in my opinion, is the worse soda to consume! It tricks your brain into thinking that you are hungry and you tend to eat more when your addicted to it.

Now that I’ve shared my opinion and extreme dislike for soda’s, I would like to present you or someone you know that has this addiction with just a little challenge.

Of course you will have to want to wean yourself from soda and drink more water before you can actually make that change.

I wanted to create a challenge that revolves around what the Institute of Integrative Nutrition refers to as the circle of life, which is…


Your HEALTH Challenge – Replace just one soda with something else a day.

Replace soda with…

  • Watered down juice
  • Iced or hot tea
  • Carbonated tonic or seltzer water with your favorite citrus added to it
  • Preferably water with your favorite citrus added to it.

Try that for a week or even more if needed. Eventually replace another and another until you feel like you don’t NEED that soda during the day. Hopefully you will eventually only crave water to quench your thirst!

Try doing a little exercise every day to keep your mind off of soda. Even if it’s just walking a little more than you already do. Try replacing your thoughts about having a soda with something else.

Start writing in a journal, take a hot bath, meditate, draw, or just do something other that have a soda. Get out of your normal routines and try different things. Tell someone about your challenge to help encourage you and keep you accountable.

Keep track of your mood and how often you rely on soda.

It took me awhile to conquer this health challenge, but it’s been about 12 years that I’ve been free from the soda addiction. It’s made a huge difference in my health. The headaches eventually went away. I eventually relied less on needing all that sugar and caffeine on a daily basis. I just felt better!

What I remember disliking the most is the association I had with having pizza without a soda. It was something I remember having since I was a child. It just seemed to go together. Pizza and soda. Well, that was the one time that I allowed myself a soda for awhile before I eventually conquered that pchological addiction.

Eventually your taste buds change after you form other good habits to replace bad habits. I don’t crave or even think about putting that toxin back into my body. The health benefits far out way the immediate gratification of having that crutch.

Head on over to my website at LB Health Coach to see if we are a good fit to work together.

I’m grateful of how much better I remember feeling after getting off soda and the accomplishment of staying off of it for so long.

Do you think you could try this challenge or encourage someone you know to try it?

Thanks for listening!




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