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You can call it community, village, troop, neighborhood, group, crew, family, friends, your tribe, or posse. Whatever you call it, I feel like if your not involved then it’s hard to cope at times! I’m talking about being face to face, not over the internet. The playground photo is what I’ve found when I’ve taken our son to different playgrounds around town.

It’s super hard to open up and get real with people in the world. Everyone seems so busy (busy is such a bad 4 letter word!) and wants to keep things light. You know the conversation we all have with one another in passing…  Hi, how are you? Fine, and you? Great, the kids are getting so big! Good to see you, we should get together sometime.

That’s about all we get in the world today. Everyone is so busy with work, school, chores, errands, and etc. We tend to come straight home, pull into our garages and not socialize with our neighbors, let alone with our friends or family.

How can we get off the internet and get back into each others lives in person? This is coming from a person that enjoys A LOT of alone time. So, I get it! After a long day at work with people, then all the stuff we have to do in the home, and then to have to make time to  put on our best to socialize. UGH, it’s a lot.

What if we started getting real with each other and stop putting on our best to everyone. What if we let others see us in our jammies and saw our raw true selves. It sure would be less work and I bet we could learn a lot from each other!

What if we did something in this country where we didn’t have to have a dual income in order to survive. Maybe there would be more help around the house with a spouse who could afford to stay home, a kind family member, a friend, or neighbor.

Or maybe we try becoming less of a consumer city as I like to call it. Or join the minimalist lifestyle as others see it.

This is what I would like to see when I head to my neighborhood playground with our son…


That seems more like a welcoming community to me!

It seems to me that back in the day when families weren’t spread out all over the country that there was more of a community that formed around families to help out when needed. Or maybe even when not needed, just some “nosy neighbors”. We call that Facebook now. Sad.

I’ve thought about creating a like-minded community that meets once a month. I’m not sure how or where yet. I’ve tried meet-ups which didn’t seem to work, so I’ll be praying on it for a little while and let you know how it all goes.

It’s not always easy to create new friendships, but reaching out to your community or church to find people to connect to is so important for personal growth!

I’m grateful to have a handful of friends that I can count on when needed.

Do you have a community in which you can thrive?

Thanks for listening!


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2 thoughts on “Community

  1. This is a great post! Have you checked with the church you go to? They may have “small group” gatherings for single parents. If it’s a big church, and they don’t have such a thing, then speak to someone about beginning one. It’s a “safe place to talk about” whatever issues you want. I joined Audrey’s small group when I went to Northridge Christian Fellowship and we talked about all our issues. It brought great comfort to me and I knew whatever I talked about didn’t get repeated. Just a suggestion…… ❤

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    1. I found a great group of supportive women at my church as well as the grow community center that my friend is raising funds to open. I also have found some fantastic support online of people that are going through the same thing that I am right now who are in my community. We plan on meeting after the first of the year! Connection is key to growing!


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