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So much changes when you have a child. SO MUCH! I just want to talk about how we sometimes loose our way, but find it again when we reach Motherhood.

Have you ever thought about how you begin to dig out all the good qualities that you might have lost along the way to Motherhood? I’m talking about how you manifest and pull out of yourself all the manners and morals that you thought you may have lost in this big bad world.

It seems like when your baby begins to understand the ways of the world, you want to lead by example. I feel like before my child was born, I had lost my way a little by letting things go. Being a little less polite and becoming a bit cynical and hard.

Now, all those manners and kind acts have magically appeared again. It somehow becomes so very important to be and do better. It’s time to put on your role model big girl pants and raise a kind human being by becoming one yourself.

That’s what Motherhood brings out in you sometimes. It makes you want to be a better person so that you can raise your children by example. I find that Mothers will research all the right ways to raise a kind, loving, caring, and well rounded person that we become that person ourselves to be the role model our children need.

We turn our lives around and upside down to do whatever it takes to do what’s right by our children. We will let nothing stand in our way!

And then it seems that we suddenly find ourselves trying to  make a buck to provide a better life for our child than what we thought we had.

I come from a place of love when I say this… We cannot have it all and I’m tired of trying to have it all. I want time with our son. Not the hurried with my mind on something else kind of time, but the let’s sit on the floor and use our imaginations to play kind of time.

In order to have that kind of time I feel like I need that kind of time for me as well. I have to fill my quality time in order to give quality time. How does one do that in a  world that needs a two income family to have a roof over our head. I guess you have to find that village everyone is talking about it.

Sometimes, it can be a difficult transition for those you love to see you change. To see you stop being so cynical and start replacing kind words for what used to be such harsh words. You can only hope that they will grow with you and not grow apart from you.

I’m so grateful to have finally joined the club of Motherhood.

Have you noticed yourself or others change for the better when they became Mom’s?

Thanks for listening!




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