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Hi All,

Every once and awhile a good gluten/dairy free BLT is all a girl needs! Comfort food from childhood and bacon just screams Y-U-M, doesn’t it?!

Disclaimer: These portions are all just a guess. I don’t like to measure when it comes to creating in the kitchen. Please just let this be a guide for your own creation…


  • LIGHTLY toast 2 slice of bread. I used GF bread from Outside the Breadbox .
  • SLATHER mayonnaise on each slice.
  • SPRINKLE cracked black pepper on each slice of toast.
  • PLACE a few leaves of romaine lettuce on one slice of toast to cover it.
  • PLACE tomato on the other slice of toast to cover it.
  • PLACE a lot of bacon on the lettuce.
  • FLIP the tomato covered toast onto the lettuce/bacon covered toast.
  • CUT sandwich on the diagonal.

I just had this discussion with another food blogger about ratios and food. I like any dish that I am enjoying to have a little bit of everything that’s in the dish in one bite!

Along with that train of thought, I’m also picky about what goes into and the placement of items in a dish.

The BLT is no exception…

  • The bread must be lightly toasted because I don’t like the roof of my mouth to hurt when I bite into it.
  • I like a lot of mayonnaise, but not so much that it makes the lightly toasted bread soggy.
  • Normally on a sandwich I would add salt AND pepper, but the bacon is salty enough to skip the salt on this one.
  • I like the tomatoes to be a medium slice so that I get the full affect of them when I bite into the sandwich.
  • I like to have the same amount of lettuce as I do tomato. Again, to have equal parts of all ingredients within each bite.

I like my BLT served with a little crunch of a plain potato chip.

Grateful Day – Grateful for being comfortable enough with sharing my crazy food stuff!

Do you have a favorite way to enjoy your BLT?

Thank you for listening!


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8 thoughts on “BLT!

  1. This is the best posting I have seen for “GLUTEN FREE” recipes! I suspect the bread us gluten free I’m sure!!! I like your proportions too. Lots of bacon!!! It is chilly and overcast today. BRRR!! Great time to have a BLT!! What I enjoy is a glass of cold almond milk with my BLT

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