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Bronchitis Soup

Hi All,

Gluten/dairy free bronchitis soup to help heal your bronchitis! There are so many Coconut oil benefits! I use it to cook with all the time. In addition, I enjoy all the Turmeric Benefits as well. Especially when you add turmeric to heated oil with ground black pepper!

We all know ginger, garlic, cinnamon, and bone broth also have great health benefits. This soup is so quick to make, good for you, tastes like homecoming deliciousness, and just makes you feel warm and comforted. Recently, I was craving some chicken noodle soup when I had bronchitis. I was relieved to find all these ingredients in my house, so I created a bronchitis soup recipe.

Disclaimer: These portions are all just a guess. I don’t like to measure when it comes to creating in the kitchen. Please just let this be a guide for your own creation…

Bronchitis Soup

  • HEAT 1 tbsp. coconut oil & add; some diced onion and sliced carrots. Sauté until tender.
  • ADD 1 tbsp.  ground turmeric, ground black pepper, 1 tbsp. ginger powder, dash of ground cinnamon, and 1 tbsp. garlic powder. Stir and let spices open for a minute or two.
  • ADD 1/2 a box bone broth and crank it to a high heat.
  • ADD rice ramen and boil till tender.
  • ADD a handful of already cooked & diced chicken and Himalayan Sea Salt.
  • CUT the noodles before serving with a big spoon.

Just what the Dr. ordered;)

Sometimes I use the Thai rice noodle brand without the packets in this dish. However, this time I found a brand called Lotus Foods at Costco that is labeled Rice Ramen. The Ingredients: Organic brown rice flour and organic millet with the non gmo verified stamp and USDA organic stamp. It was good and easily broke apart. I find the Thai brand to be a little more sturdy of a noodle.

Hope you enjoy a bowl of this bronchitis soup for yourself someday. Even if you don’t have bronchitis.

It’s easier to make this meal if you always have rice ramen and stock in the pantry. Oh, and already cut up onion, carrots, and chicken stocked in the fridge. I usually do because I like making this along with a couple of asian dish’s I will share with you later.

Thanks for listening!



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